Personal Strenghts

I am a crative, natural leader with a positive attitude. I have a high attention to detail work ethnic and try to work efficiently, professionally and within the time assigned to me.I am an analytical thinker who loves to help others in solving problems an am very organized.I try to get the best results in my work with the help of my fellow peers

Activities and Hobbies

I am a book reader and book loving otaku who enjoys console games mainly PlayStation(Proud console peasent!).Not a day goes by without me listening to music my motto is ,” if it’s good I’ll listen to it”. I love eating good food,Traveling and just chilling  with good company.

work hard and play even harder

I am always willing to learn new things  and the technology field provides just that, due to it’s ever-changing and evolving state there is so much to learn and to attain. I love that one can use technology to express their creativity i.e Game/Web developers or make education accessible to many through online schools and tutorials. I love how its made communication with our loved ones possible. Although we still have a long way to go, through technology we’ve accomplished a lot.My dream is to be able to use technology to benefit the people and the planet as a whole.

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